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In Brazil again and we meet up with my friend looking to score some big beautiful ass. We see a sexy young Brazilian beauty window shopping in front of a clothing store and get her to come talk to us for a second. She's was so fucking sexy in her revealing outfit. My friend really like her and so he talked to her for a but and set up a deal that he would buy her all the clothes she wanted he she would just model is for us. She agreed and we went back to the ..Read More!
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“OYE LOCA, VEN PA’CA!” Now I know most of you are saying “WTF did you just say and WTF are you?” Well allow myself to introduce.... myself: I’m T-Bone the mastermind behind all these crazy fuck fests. Now for your question. “OYE LOCA, VEN PA’CA!” means “Yo crazy girl, come here.” Living here in Miami.. Read More..
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