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Holy crap Kinzie is such a fucking hottie! She's been modeling on the side for a couple years now and things were finally working out for her and she was thinking of dropping out to pursue her career. She came to me for advice but I didn't want her to leave so I told her she needs to stay for the sake of her future... but really I didn't want to say bye to those big perky tits. She decided to stay and model her undies for me!
Oye Loca
Me and my boy Mikey Butders decided to go on this journey; no pilgrimage, to find every crazy latina we possibly can, pick them up right on the street, and give them the old "Stud Vicious treatment" and we won't stop til I get 'em all!
Solo Interviews
We film our own, exclusive solo masturbation videos of the hottest, never before seen models! Inside you'll find thousands of hours of our custom filmed masturbation videos.
The Real Workout
We take sexy girls working out at the gym and show them a real workout! We peel the tight spandex off their firm asses and make sure to give them the best work out they have ever had. We pull, pump, and pound that ass into shape!
Euro City Life
Take a ride that exposes European city life for what it really is. A fuckfest with the hottest and kinkiest ladies on Earth! This is something they won't shown to you by any travel agency.
This Girl Sucks
We take girls for all over the United States and see who can give the best blowjob. These girls are experts at their craft and it's hard to choose the best but it feels great to try.
Trailer Trash Cuties
We take poor students from the trailer park and prove that they will do anything for money. You gotta see what these students are willing to do!
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